Soul Counseling

Clairvoyant Soul Counseling
for the heart, mind & Soul

Therapy For The Soul

In times of doubt, despair and hopelessness, divine guidance and spiritual counsel is here to help you find your way. Your spirit guides, divine helpers and angelic teachers are around you, but in times of darkness you might not be able to see their guidance and hear their messages. Soul counseling is a deep form of spiritual counseling by Katherine that looks at the heart, soul and spirit of the issues you are struggling with and works to provide messages and guidance from a high spiritual persepective. Katherine will provide the spiritual support, insight, divine answers and guidance you need to overcome deep rooted issues, overcome negative patterns and heal wounds that go deep within the soul. 
  • Past Life Healing
  • Release Karmic Blockages
  • Overcome Negative Patterns
  • Counseling For Empaths
  • Deepen Your Spirituality
  • Healing From Spiritual Attacks
  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Overcome Inner Fears
  • Healing From Trauma / Abuse
  • Develope Your Psychic Abilities
  • Healing From Toxic Relationships
  • Learn How To Protect Your Energy

A new path is waiting for you,
a path filled with hope, love, happiness and endless possibilities.

Spiritual guidance
& life purpose
Healing from a broken heart
Spiritual Counseling for those who feel lost, confused and in need of guidance and insight into their life’s path and soul purpose.
Soul counseling for matters of the heart. Support, guidance and healing from a loss, broken relationship, grief, sadness and hurt feelings. 
Spiritual Awakening
Letting go &
moving forward
Soul counseling, spiritual guidance and support for those experiencing the intense affects or difficulty from a spiritual awakening. 
Soul counseling, support and guidance for letting go of fear, old patterns, unhealthy relationships and attachments that are blocking you from moving forward. 
Relationships & Soul Connections
Dark Night Of The Soul
Soul counseling, support and guidance for those going through the darkness, confusion and difficulty of the dark night of the soul. 
Soul counseling, guidance and insight for twin flames, soul mates, karmic soul connections, kindred spirits and other soul connections. 
soul Therapy for intuitives & Psychics
Soul Counseling For Empaths
Soul counseling, healing, support and guidance for empaths and those who are deeply sensitive to the emotions and energies that come from others
Soul counseling, guidance and healing for those who are highly intuitive or are experiencing difficulties with their Psychic abilities or development.

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3 Soul Sessions

Get started with this great soul counseling package that includes:

  • 3 45-60 Minute Soul Sessions. 

  • Energt Assesment Sent By Email

  • Tumbled Stone Crystal Set Upon Initial Purchase.


7 Soul Sessions

This counseling package is great for deep spiritual counsel, guidance and healing that includes:

  • 7 45-60 Minute Soul Sessions.

  • Detailed Energy Assesment Sent By Email.

  • Crystal Healing Set That Includes Crystals Spheres and Tumbled Stone Set Upon Initial Purchase.


12 Soul Sessions

This intensive counseling and healing package includes:

  • 12 45-60 Minute Soul Sessions

  • Detailed Energy Assesment Sent By Email.

  • Crystal Healing Set That Includes Crystal Spheres, Crystal Pendant, Tumbled Stone Set And One Mystery Crystal Chosen Just For You By Spirit