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crystal Healing Specialist
Psychic | Energy Healing practitioner 
Meet Katherine, an international Psychic, Crystal healing specialist and elite energy healing practitioner. She utilizes the powerful healing vibrations of crystals and gemstones to deepen and enhance her spiritual sessions and help her clients achieve the life and relationships they desire. 

Katherine works remotely with wonderful souls from all walks of the earth, she has helped many achieve and attract success, happiness, inner peace, balance, prosperity, love, healthier relationships and much more with her crystal healing and spiritual sessions. 

Katherine has become an expert in her field and has perfected many modalities in the spiritual and holistic world on her life long spiritual journey which began when she was just a child. Learn More >
Crystal Healing Specialist

Crystal Healing and Spiritual sessions

Crystal energy healing, crystal healing sets and crystal jewery. Personalized and hand picked just for you.
Accurate clairvoyant readings. Trusted advice, ethical and honest. Insightful messages from your spirit guides. Book your session today.
One on one spiritual guidance for your life’s path and relationships. For those seeking spiritual understanding and guidance from a higher power. 
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What makes Katherine’s crystal healing so powerful and unique is that she knows exactly what type of crystals to use for each of her clients and knows how to program and charge the stones vibrations precisely to the unique energetic frequency of her clients. 
The Benefits of Crystal Healing
Crystal Psychic
Crystals have been used for centuries to cure ailments, for healing and to attract good fortune and ward off bad luck and negative vibrations. Used by many different cultures, crystal healing is an ancient practice that was brought back into popularity in the 1980’s. Each crystal holds the power to attract, absorb, clear and balance energy. Their are many different types of crystals and stones with different healing properties.
  • Reduce Stress/Anxiety
  • Release Blockages
  • Attract Positive Energy 
  • Clear Negative Energy
  • Acheive Balance
  • Enhance Meditation
  • Heal/Open Your Chakras
  • Balance/Clear Your Aura
  • Promote Focus/Concentraion
  • Promote Better Sleep/Relaxation 
  • Resolve Past Life Issues/Karma
  • ​Healing From Trauma/Abuse
  • Attract Love / Empathy
  • ​Resolve Relationship issues
  • Attract Happiness / Inner Peace
  • Attract/Achieve Success
  • Attract Prosperity / Financial Goals
  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Deepen Your Spirituality
  • Protection From Negativity
  • Clear Spiritual Blocks
  • Resolve Sexual Issues / Imbalance
  • Improve Communication
  • And Much More!

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    Rose Quartz Hearts
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    Crystal healing bowls
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    Green adventurine
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    Amethyst points
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    amethyst geode